Drug Trafficking Statistics

Drug Trafficking Statistics 2023 Illicit drugs represent a multibillion-dollar global market, with an estimated value of more than $400 billion annually [Source: United Nations Office on Drugs [...]

Drowning Statistics

Drowning Statistics For 2023 Drowning is a leading cause of accidental deaths among children and young adults. Drowning statistics often overlook due to the limited media coverage. It’s [...]

Statistics Vs Facts

The Difference Between a Statistic and a Fact People might ask certain statistics questions, especially how they are different from facts. Understandably, telling them apart can be confusing [...]

Section 8 Statistics

Section 8 Statistics 2023-2022 Less than 3% of the US population lives in section 8 housing 83% of families HUD housing make less than 20,000 annually Whites are 49% of project-based housing [...]

Pregnancy Statistics

Pregnancy Statistics 2022-2023 There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about pregnancy. But what does the data say? We’ll look at some of the latest pregnancy statistics, from [...]

Email Facts, Stats and Statistics

293.6 billion emails are sent each day 205 million emails are sent each minute Email nurture campaigns have an average open rate of 20-30% Email nurture campaigns have a click-through rate of [...]

Human Trafficking Statistics

Human Trafficking Statistics 2022-2021 One in 200 people worldwide are slavery victims Forced marriages account for over 15 million trafficking victims One in seven forced laborers are moved A [...]

Write For Us

Statisticser.com is a worldwide blog that offers bloggers, freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs, students, readers, writers and thinkers an opportunity to reach thousands of readers and [...]

Bad Credit Loan Statistics

Bad Credit Loan Statistics 2022-2021 Only 11% of Consumers Have the Lowest FICO Scores 16% of Americans have bad credit 659,881 individuals have filed for bankruptcy in July 2020 19 million [...]

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