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Important Guidelines

We are looking creative, unique articles that are 1,000 words or more.

Please use any method top find your unique and unpublished “statistics”

Then use at least 8-9 or more different website URLs and write about 1 statistic in the source article about (your topics statistics)

Statistics are numbers, ratios, percentages and like wise not sentences or informational facts

Summarize the impact of the statistic on the related topic with source links (must include) within the summary paragraph.

All 8-9 or more result links must be included within the content paragraphs please.

At the very top of the article reduce each paragraph you wrote into a short 3-9 word bullet point including a statistic (number)

The document should look like this

• bullet point 1
• bullet point 2
• bullet point 3
• bullet point 4
• bullet point 5
• bullet point 6
• bullet point 7
• bullet point 8


paragraph 1
paragraph 2
paragraph 3
paragraph 4
paragraph 5
paragraph 6
paragraph 7
paragraph 8

Some of the topics we share are Social Media, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Money-Saving Tips, Finance, Human Resources/ Employment, Small Business, Customer Service, Entrepreneurs, Operations, health, Fitness, Finance, Cannabis, Vaping, Social Concerns, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Computers, Technology, Business Technology, Services or any Unique and amazing topic.

Articles as well as any questions should be submitted via a word document on the form below.

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